TitleEffective DateDownload
Part 1A Personnel Licensing21-12-2022Download
Part 1B Approved Training Organization21-12-2022Download
Part 2 Rules of the Air21-12-2022Download
Part 3 Aeronautical Meteorological Service21-12-2022Download
Part 4 Aeronautical Charts21-12-2022Download
Part 5 Units of Measurement for Air and Ground operations21-12-2022Download
Part 6A Operations of Aircraft21-12-2022Download
Part 6B Unmanned Aircraft system (UAS)21-12-2022Download
Part 7 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks21-12-2022Download
Part 8A Airworthiness of Aircraft21-12-2022Download
Part 8B Approved Maintenance organization21-12-2022Download
Copy of Part 9 Facilitation21-12-2022Download
Part 10A Aeronautical Telecommunications-Radio Navigational Aids21-12-2022Download
Part 10B Aeronautical Telecommunications-Communication procedures including those with PANS status21-12-2022Download
Part 10C Communication Systems(SUBPART I Digital data communication systems SUBPART II voice communication systems)21-12-2022Download
PART 10D- Surveillance and Collision Avoidance Systems21-12-2022Download
Part 10E Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization21-12-2022Download
Part 10F Communication Systems and Procedures Relating to Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems C2 Link21-12-2022Download
Part 12 Search and Rescue21-12-2022Download
Part 13 Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations21-12-2022Download
Part 14A Aerodrome Design and Operations Standards21-12-2022Download
Part 14B Heliports21-12-2022Download
Part 14C Certification of Aerodrome21-12-2022Download
Part 14D License of Heliports21-12-2022Download
Part 14E Establishment of Aerodromes21-12-2022Download
Part 15 Aeronautical Information Services21-12-2022Download
Part 16 Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme For International Aviation21-12-2022Download
Part 18 The Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods By Air21-12-2022Download
Part 19 Safety Management21-12-2022Download
Part 20A Air Transport Economic Regulations (Airline Operation)21-12-2022Download
Part 20B Consumer Protection Regulation21-12-2022Download
Part 21 Parachute Operation21-12-2022Download
Part 22 General Policies, Procedures, and Definitions21-12-2022Download
Part 24 Construction of Instrument Flight Procedure21-12-2022Download
Part 25 Instrument and Equipment21-12-2022Download
Part 26 Air Operator Certification and Administration21-12-2022Download
Part 27 Commercial Air Transport by Foreign Air Operators within Sierra Leone21-12-2022Download
Part 28 Aerial Work21-12-2022Download